June 8th + 9th

Intermitten is a celebration and exploration of how creativity in both art and technology helps us add value to our home, work, and global communities. We're technology people with creative prowess and artistic people powered by tech, and we unite to discover the many ways in which working together and thinking creatively can help us accomplish our goals. The themes that we will be exploring in Intermitten 2017 are:

Persevering with passion
Creating collaboratively
Exploring the ethics embedded in what we create
Using our creativity for the greater good

This two-day and two-night event includes top-notch talks from speakers who transcend molds and challenge the status quo, but Intermitten far exceeds sitting and listening. We are about community and immersive experiences. At the Intermixer, attendees & speakers alike share their perspective over drinks and live performance. We have also partnered with Ann Arbor Art Center to present the Intermitten POP-IN exhibit. This event is curated specifically to showcase the creative works of Intermitten's conference artists and technologists. Attendees experience for themselves the tangible ways in which Intermitten speakers use their creativity and perspectives to make waves. Our event concludes with a celebratory after-party, where attendees get more opportunities to connect while indulging in local fare and performance.