2017 Speakers

  1. Lisa Waud

    Unearthing the Ethics Embedded in Flower House

    Business Owner, Florist, and Botanical Artist at Pot & Box

  2. Ida Abdalkhani

    Do You: Pursuing a Passion-Filled and Purpose-Driven Life

    Chief Catalyzer at Ability to Engage

  3. Laura Khalil

    The Benefits of Being a Bitch

    Freelance Content Marketer and Humorist

  4. Tariq Luthun

    Nomadic Craft: Building Homes of Ourselves and the Spaces We Inhabit

    Digital Strategist and Poet

  5. Marty Shea

    Filming Collaboratively: Leveraging Technology to Unite and Inspire Creators

    Co-Founder / Artistic Director at CollabFeature

  6. Thea Augustina Eck

    Learning to FLY: How an Artist, Tech Company, and Students Collaborated to Improve an Elementary School


  7. Matthew Grocoff

    Redesigning Civilizations and Other Small Things

    Environmentalist and Sustainability Advocate

  8. Jim Hume

    How Community + Creativity = Positive Impact

    Founder and Principal at Phire Group

  9. Brittany N. Williams

    Say It with Yo' Chest: Claiming Space in the Pop Culture Void

    Marketing and Public Relations Specialist & Staff Writer at Black Nerd Problems

  10. Seth Petty

    Learning to FLY: How an Artist, Tech Company, and Students Collaborated to Improve an Elementary School

    Elementary School Principal

  11. Sarah Pappalardo

    Women, The Man, and the Media: Using Humor to Build Social Awareness

    Cofounder and Editor, Reductress

  12. Rik Cordero

    From Rappers to Hackers: Why I Left the Music Industry for Technology

    Sr. Media Producer at Duo Security

  13. Linette Lao

    Learning to FLY: How an artist, tech company, and students collaborated to improve an elementary school

    Board President of FLY Art Center

  14. Oliver Uberti

    More Baboon, Less Unicorn: Successful Collaboration Is Not a Fantasy

    Author and Designer

  15. Michael Ambrose, M.D.

    Finding Opportunities in the Simple Things

    Owner and Director of DocNetwork

  16. Shawn Golden

    Using Improv to Foster Creative Collaboration

    Designer at Detroit Labs

  17. Zach Lanier

    Politics and the Ethics of Hacking

    Principal Research Consultant and Purveyor of Memes Dank and Spicy, Atredis Partners

  18. Christina York

    Wonder Therapy: Using Augmented Reality to Help Kids Cope with the Reality of Hospitalization

    Founder and CEO at Spellbound