Join us at Detroit’s historic Guardian building, where we’ll explore how diverse communities of innovative entrepreneurs can connect and use their creativity to make the world a better place.

Intermitten was created for tech professionals who:

  • Want to innovate for the greater good, within their organizations and beyond
  • Want to inspire diversity, community, and collaboration within their spheres of impact
  • Want to join and foster a community of progressive, creative innovators

You'll hear inspiring humans talk about:

Diversity & Inclusion:

  • How to build a diverse tech startup from day 1
  • How to advocate for diversity in a non-diverse company
  • How to foster diversity in your profession (beyond your job)


  • How to build tech communities online & IRL
  • How to build inclusive communities
  • How tech can enter communities respectfully & thoughtfully

Creative Collaboration:

  • What tech can learn from a community mural project
  • How to avoid collaboration disaster
  • How to collaborate for social impact

What's included?:

  • 9 talks by industry leaders from Detroit, Ann Arbor, Chicago, New York, Atlanta, and San Francisco
  • Expert-led exercises on Bias Awareness and Creative Collaboration
  • Breakfast, lunch, and so much coffee
  • An Intermixer Afterparty with drinks, food, dancing, a collaborative art project, and professional headshots
  • Lots of opportunities to chat with speakers
  • A free day pass to co-work from Bamboo Detroit on Friday
  • Bonus: Join speakers, staff, and attendees on Friday morning as we go on a custom Innovations & Inspirations Tour with Detroit Experience Factory. We'll gather at 9am to learn about the Guardian, board a bus to learn more about how Detroit embodies Diversity, Community, and Collaboration, and then end at Bamboo Detroit around lunchtime. Tickets are $35 and available during checkout.

Thought Provoking

“It’s a well-run conference with a diverse set of speakers/topics. Great, thought-provoking event!”

Diverse Lineup

“The range of topics and expertise was incredible, the attention to social issues paramount, and the explicit inclusion of women, people of color, and queer identifying people transformative. It takes work to cultivate a diverse lineup and I so appreciate the efforts…to find people of different backgrounds, perspectives, and intersectional social identities.”

Improving My Skills

“Very wonderful event with a lot of great speakers!! The conference brought in many professional like-minded business individuals and covers a lot of interesting and important topics that can improve our business skills.”

Stepping Out Of The Box

“I felt inspired by all the amazing things the presenters are involved in. It makes me want to step out of the box and lead bravely.”

Inspired and Valuable Connections

“I’m still buzzing from excitement about this year’s Intermitten conference! The organization and planning that went into this event are absolutely awe-inspiring. From the selection of diverse speakers and relaxed networking with the inspiring movers and shakers of the industry, I took more away from this event I could have ever imagined. I became inspired professionally and personally, and made many valuable connections with people who share my values and align with my purpose.”

Hope to Return

“This was my first experience at Intermitten after years of wanting to attend and it did not disappoint! The selection of themes, diversity of speakers, rich discourse with audience members and speakers alike, and awesome atmosphere at a great venue was a pleasure to experience and it was a great to interact with a crowd of fellow professionals from diverse fields. 10/10 would recommend and hope to return next year.”

Never Felt Bored!

“The talks…were fantastic. I felt like there was a lot of diversity between the subject areas and I thought that the way the themes were split up into groups was a great way to organize the conference. I never felt bored and I thought that the day moved along at a good pace.”

Inspiring Stories and Impassioned People

“Intermitten created a space filled with inspiring stories and impassioned people that both reinforced and expanded my values with diverse, thoughtful perspectives.”

An Invaluable Experience

“It made a difference – having people who experience the world differently…[give] talks that did not shy away from race and racism, sexism, and other salient social issues. As was evident in the Q&A sessions and in conversations I had with others during breaks and lunch, people are hungry to have these difficult but crucial conversations! In addition, the diversity of careers, expertise, and professional paths was terrific – there was relevance in every story I heard. Thank you for an invaluable experience, one I’m still processing, reflecting on, and feeling inspired by.”

Break From the Day-To-Day

“Intermitten is a much needed break from the day-to-day. It’s the perfect experience for anyone looking to take a step back and see the amazing things happening in the community around them, and anyone looking for things to get involved in if they’re trying to make the world around them a better place to exist.”


“I’d like to say how amazing Intermitten was! I felt like I was temporarily part of this innovative village. People coming together very openly with thoughts and ideas that really resonated with my values and expanded my world view. I left Intermitten recharged and with many new tools and ideas to better navigate my own path of personal and community empowerment.”

Past Talks