Bailey Drake is one of our newest Intermitten team members. She has the very important role of bookkeeping, as well as supporting our speakers on our Programming committee. Bailey is a community builder who cares deeply about diversity and inclusion. She recently volunteered her time helping Chicago inmates register to vote. We are grateful to have her fresh, non-tech perspective on the Intermitten Programming team. Here’s a bit more about Bailey.

What inspired you to get involved in Intermitten?

A life-long learner, I actively search for events and causes that help me continue to discover new ideas, collaborate with diverse individuals, and integrate into a supportive community. When I met one of the Intermitten co-founders, who embodies Intermitten’s mission of community-building and creative collaboration, I knew immediately I wanted to be involved with the event. My interest grew even more when she told me that 2018 will have all female-identifying speakers.

What’s your favorite thing about the Midwest tech scene/community?

My favorite thing about the Midwest tech scene is that it truly is a cohesive community. Conferences like Intermitten exist because community members understand that by coming together for support and open dialogue, each individual educates and invests in oneself. This is a means of investing in the greater good of the tech and overall community.

What do you do when you’re not at Intermitten?

When I’m not at Intermitten, I’m an operations portfolio analyst at a Midwest investment company by vocation, finishing my MBA degree in organizational management (with a focus in ethics and compliance), and napping.

Why are you excited about #intermitten18?

I am SO excited about all the diverse female speakers and being involved (for the first time) in the preparation of such an exciting conference.

Which #intermitten18 theme resonates with you most?