The Range of Topics and Expertise Was Incredible

“The range of topics and expertise was incredible, the attention to social issues paramount, and the explicit inclusion of women, people of color, and queer identifying people transformative. It takes work to cultivate a diverse lineup and I so appreciate the...

Can Improve Our Business Skills

“Very wonderful event with a lot of great speakers!! The conference brought in many professional like-minded business individuals and covers a lot of interesting and important topics that can improve our business skills.”

I Felt Inspired

“I felt inspired by all the amazing things the presenters are involved in. It makes me want to step out of the box and lead bravely.”

I’m Still Buzzing from Excitement

“I’m still buzzing from excitement about this year’s Intermitten conference! The organization and planning that went into this event are absolutely awe-inspiring. From the selection of diverse speakers and relaxed networking with the inspiring movers...

It Did Not Disappoint!

“This was my first experience at Intermitten after years of wanting to attend and it did not disappoint! The selection of themes, diversity of speakers, rich discourse with audience members and speakers alike, and awesome atmosphere at a great venue was a...

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