As those who have attended Intermitten may know, one of our core values is diversity. When we provide a platform for diverse perspectives, we inspire more diversity in the tech community itself. In addition, we demonstrate that the Intermitten stage is accessible to anyone. Similarly, attendees hear a range of ideas, and a diverse speaker lineup helps increase the diversity of the Intermitten attendee community. In other words, everyone wins.

It takes deliberate and diligent effort to create space for diversity and make it happen. To be fully transparent, we don’t always hit the marks we aim for. Striving for a diverse and inclusive event is a process that doesn’t end. And it’s non-negotiable that we meet this challenge head-on. This is why the Intermitten team is thrilled to announce our partnership with Support Driven’s Represent program.

Represent’s mission is to increase speaker diversity at all conferences. The program connects experienced speakers with prospective ones to help them learn how to pitch a great talk idea.

We at Intermitten are proud to be on Represent’s list of supporting organizations that value diverse speaker lineups. This means that in addition to helping program participants around the globe with talk pitches, Represent encourages those participants to apply to speak at Intermitten.

If you want to speak at a conference and want a mentor to help you get there, please check out Represent. Likewise, if you’ve spoken at a conference in the past, please consider becoming a Represent mentor. The folks at Represent will announce a new round of the program soon, so now is the time to tune in for opportunities to get involved.

Finally, if you or someone you know wants to give an Intermitten talk, please apply to speak at a future event. We want to put you on stage and amplify your expertise. We believe that everyone has a story that the Midwest tech community would find value in hearing. Most importantly, we feel a deep responsibility to be a platform for sharing those stories.