If you attended Intermitten 2017, you likely recall the energetic force that is Brittany Williams. In addition to being an accomplished actress, Brittany does marketing, PR, and writing for Black Nerd Problems, where she helps highlight the lack of black representation in the nerd community. While she could speak a ton about diversity and inclusion, we’re thrilled to have Brittany back to talk about creative collaboration instead. In her talk “Translation, Typhoons, & the Show that Nearly Wasn’t,” Brittany will share an epic story of a near collaboration disaster in the happiest place on earth. We’ll walk away with lessons learned on how to include people in collaboration, how to know when not to push through an idea, and how to play to people’s strengths to drive successful outcomes.

We asked Brittany to share more about herself and her career, and here’s what she had to tell us.

What inspires you to do what you do?

I think about the kid I was and not seeing people who looked like me doing the things I dreamed of doing. I’m trying to do my part to make sure no one else has to feel that way. To know that they aren’t alone in their interests and aspirations. To know what’s possible in this world.

What advice do you have for someone who wants to do similar work?

The only person’s behavior you have control over is your own. Bring your best to whatever you do so when it’s all over, whether the project is a success or a failure, you can stand confident in the fact that you showed up with your A-game.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned in your career?

The most important thing to know is when to be flexible and when to stand your ground. It’s not an easy thing to know and I’m still learning when to chose each stance. You need a combination of experience, instinct, and a solid support system be they friends, family, or mentors. I feel much more confident about it than I did 10 or so years ago, but it’s a constant learning process.

What inspired you to get involved in Intermitten?

I had such a blast at Intermitten 2017 that I had to come back this year. It’s an amazing conference full of fascinating speaker and put on by a fantastic team.

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