We’re grateful that the crew at Atomic Object has been involved with Intermitten since the beginning. They continually inspire and challenge us to do better and do more. The team thinks creatively and strategically, and they look to add value and meaning in everything they do with us. They embody Intermitten values in so many ways. As sponsors of our Intermixer After Party, we asked them to share more about their organization and why they will be in Detroit with us. Here’s what they had to say.

What’s your favorite thing about the Michigan tech ecosystem?

We love the community itself. From the meetup scene, to hackathons, to city-wide Slack channels, to local conferences like this one, Michigan’s tech scene is a fertile space for collaboration and connection.

Which Intermitten 18 theme resonates most with your organization this year?


Why does that theme interest you most?

At Atomic, our value as a company is inseparable from the Atoms who provide thoughtful consulting to our clients. For that reason, nurturing an inclusive, vibrant, and enduring community in which Atoms learn and thrive is a strategic priority for us.

What inspired you to get involved in Intermitten?

Atomic has supported Intermitten from its first year. At the time, we remember an attendee saying, “Wow, I’ve never been in a room in which I wanted to get lunch with every single other person in it.”  Since then, attending Atoms have made friends that have exponentially expanded our social network in Ann Arbor. We jumped at the chance to broaden that Intermitten network to the Southeast Michigan region this year.

Is there anything else that you want Intermitten attendees to know?

We’re pumped to partner with woman-owned, Detroit-based Bondo Booth (https://www.bondobooth.com/) to offer professional headshots at the Intermixer After Party. Make sure to stop by the photo booth to chat with an Atom and get a portrait!