The internet is all abuzz right now about Cahoots, a central and purposeful hub for Ann Arbor’s vibrant tech community. And that buzz is warranted. Cahoots is a labor of love that has taken several years to come into fruition, and it has sold out its space in that time. We at Intermitten are especially stoked about Cahoots. Its founders, Joe Malcoun and Guy Suter, talked about the space at our very first Intermitten talk (as in ever). We’re delighted to see the space formalize, and we’re grateful that Cahoots has been an Intermitten sponsor from Day 1. We asked Alison Todak, the Managing Director of Cahoots, to share more about their involvement in Intermitten. Here’s what she had to say.

What’s your favorite thing about the Michigan tech ecosystem?

How easy it is to navigate. Folks are truly midwest nice and, more often than not, very willing to give you an introduction to your next co-founder/investor/mentor/friend. Everyone is extremely approachable and at least willing to take that first coffee.

Which Intermitten 18 theme resonates most with Cahoots this year?


Why does Community interest you most?

We here at Cahoots are attempting to build that go-to place for a tech community in Ann Arbor and Southeast Michigan. I’m very interested in ideas around jumpstarting a new community and making sure we are a positive addition to the existing Michigan tech and startup community.

What inspired you personally to get involved in Intermitten?

I’ve heard about it the last few years but now I get to experience it in person! Jumping in with both feet this year.