All of our sponsors are dear to us, but this next one is a little extra special. Like many of our sponsors, New Foundry, which is a product development firm that specializes in software solutions, has been a loyal Intermitten supporter from day one. But really, we should say day zero.

The team at New Foundry actually came up with Intermitten’s name! You don’t even want to know the original name we had when we first pitched them on the idea of starting a conference. Much to our relief and benefit, they saw past our bad name idea and bought into our conference vision of uniting the Midwest tech ecosystem. They responded about 10 minutes after our meeting with “How about Intermitten?,” and we instantly knew that they “got” us.

Three years later, the New Foundry team plays a key role in making Intermitten happen — from building our website, to designing our t-shirts and stickers, to helping put food on your laps. We asked them to share more about why they care so deeply, and here’s what they had to say.

What’s your favorite thing about the Michigan tech ecosystem?

The Michigan tech scene is more than just Ann Arbor or Detroit. It is the entire state. There are burgeoning communities all around the state in Grand Rapids, Lansing, Traverse City, etc. As a state, we have the ability to really crush it and attract talent, investment, and other companies from the Coasts — to establish roots in Michigan thanks to a more affordable cost-of-living for employees and cheaper rent for organizations. Moreover, we are close to Chicago and other tech hubs in Fort Wayne and Toledo, which increases our chances of collaboration outside of Michigan. Plus, we are in the middle of the country, so traveling to each of the coasts is not an all-day affair. We need to capitalize on these advantages.

Which Intermitten 18 theme resonates most with New Foundry this year?


Why does that Community interest you most?

Our country is built on diversity, community, and creative collaboration. But without community, we can’t have diversity nor creative collaboration. If we solve making our community inclusive and comprehensive, that means we have probably thought about diversity and collaboration at a high-priority level.

What inspired you to get involved in Intermitten?

There is nothing out there like this that really brings the community together to participate and collaborate on subject matter that is at the forefront of being engaged participants of society, which includes a large portion of our existence being spent at work. This is beyond learning how to code better or other trade skills that most conferences focus on. This is about the mission of giving us food for thought to prompt and motivate action; to make the best of our personal lives, work lives, and community; and to make the world a better space that benefits all. This is so unique and what we love about what the Intermitten team has put together and grown over these last 3 years.

Is there anything else that you want Intermitten attendees to know?

Even though this is a one-day event, its purpose is to engage thought and conversation within yourself, among your peers, and at your companies beyond the conference. Capitalize on the awesome inspiration you are going to leave the event with, write your thoughts down, review it every day, and share with those around you. We may feel that we are one small voice, but remember the room full of others at Intermitten who want what you want, and know there are more out there. Many are too shy or afraid to speak up because they think they are alone in their thoughts. Let them know they are not alone.