At the very first Intermitten 3 years ago, Joe Malcoun and Guy Suter shared their vision for Cahoots. As if realizing their vision of an epic co-working space weren’t enough, Joe Malcoun later purchased the Blind Pig, a legendary music venue in Ann Arbor that’s hosted artists like Nirvana. Keeping the Blind Pig open is just another way in which some of the Ann Arbor ecosystem’s leaders are working hard to ensure that the city is not only a vibrant place to work but a vibrant place to live as well. What they’re investing in the community is incredibly valuable and helps to increase the density of resources available to those who want to live in a thriving environment.

We’re especially hyped about Cahoots’ Intermitten involvement this year. First of all, Cahoots is now home to Intermitten headquarters! Cahoots represents everything that we’re about: empowering entrepreneurship. We couldn’t think of a better place to call “home,” and from small team brainstorming sessions to all-hands team planning meetings, Cahoots always ensures that we have everything we need.

The second reason we’re so stoked is because Cahoots is sponsoring the Intermitten Intermixer After Party! After conference talks wrap up in the afternoon on June 4th, we’re all going to walk to the Blind Pig, where Cahoots will serve up food, drinks, and a DJ. We’ll also have our beloved non-traditional headshot photobooth onsite, which we’re super excited about! It was a fan favorite last year and is NOT to be missed.

Lastly — and this is really exciting for attendees especially — Cahoots is generously giving Intermitten attendees free coworking space on the days before and after Intermitten (6/3 and 6/5). It’s on a first-come, first-serve basis. Attendees will all receive a signup form to put their name on the Cahoots list, so grab your ticket and keep your eyes peeled for the opportunity.

Okay, so we’ve shared a lot about why we love Cahoots, but we also got the chance to ask Cahoots’ Managing Director Alison Todak some questions about how Cahoots shows its love for the entrepreneurial community. Below is what she had to say.

Tell us about some of the ways in which you’re involved in the entrepreneurial community

We are looking forward to opening our doors fully this summer – serving as the hub for the technology and startup community. We host startup teams via coworking memberships, but what we offer is so much more. We will be able to host groups and events in our space, company off-sites, social memberships, talks, and fun community-wide programming.

What inspired you to get involved in Intermitten?

We’ve been a part of Intermitten from the beginning. We first announced our plans for the space/concept back at the first Intermitten Conference in 2016. The conference is a great way to bring together our local startup community around a day of networking, talks, and so many learnings.

Which Intermitten theme resonates most with Cahoots this year? 

Connection. Connection, especially to our community and beyond, is why we exist. We want to make sure the tech/startup scene here in Ann Arbor is known nationally, if not globally. We are here to help elevate that profile of our founders, teams, activities, and events here in our region.

Is there anything else that you want Intermitten attendees to know?

We are so excited to be open FULLY this summer. We would love to talk to you about desk/office space, event hosting, and community engagement. Reach out to Alison at

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