On this episode of Impact Michigan, our host Leann Abad sits down with Beth Kirsch. Based in Ann Arbor, Beth is an expert at navigating corporate cultures and has over a decade of experience maximizing organizational impact. Currently spearheading community engagement at NETSCOUT, Beth is a pro at leading multi-faceted strategic projects, building meaningful cross-sector relationships, and leading dynamic culture change initiatives.

In this interview with Leann, Beth talks about the differences between startup culture and culture at larger companies, how to assess culture and community impact/engagement, true community engagement versus PR plays, and what drives her to do good work.

You can hear Beth’s story and learn more from her expertise in person at Intermitten 2019 on June 4th. In the meantime, listen to her episode, follow her on Twitter, and keep up on the Midwest’s most inspiring entrepreneurs by subscribing to Impact Michigan on your favorite pod platform:

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