On this episode of Impact Michigan, our host Leann Abad sits down with the co-curators of Human Inclusive, Lia James and Christopher Guest. The Human Inclusive podcast amplifies voices and experiences of diverse communities. Beyond the podcast, they lead webinar workshops and live engagements to help folks take the action to see progress and initiate change. Christopher Guest (he/him) has a career that spans across a variety of industries; beginning in the arts, through customer service, political campaign management, and most recently in tech. As a national talent specialist, he has traveled the country speaking on diversity, inclusion, equity and belonging. Lia James (she/her) is a learning & development consultant with over 10 years of experience in people development and personal branding. Lia works with teams to improve hiring strategies and skills development training.

In this interview with Leann, Lia and Christopher share Human Inclusive’s story and mission, the biggest lesson they’ve learned running the organization, what it means to extend the diversity conversation to a conversation of inclusion, and how we can all be aware of the spaces we occupy.

You can hear their story and learn more from her expertise in person at Intermitten 2019 on June 4th, when Lia will present about how to build a foundation for inclusion (hint: the answer is feedback). In the meantime, listen to their episode, follow them on Twitter and Instagram, and keep up on the most inspiring entrepreneurs by subscribing to Impact Michigan on your favorite pod platform: